Garmin updating bluetooth firmware garmin nuvi dating single love malaysia

Garmin updating bluetooth firmware garmin nuvi

But after installing the BT remains the same (3.0). then i just reconnected it and it seems to be working alright for me.

Paired nuvi 370 with a Motorola KRAZR from Verizon without any problem.

but when i use my bluetooth headset, if my phone is more then 2 feet away all i get is static. I have since talked with Garmin and they sent me two new files one for 2.8 and one for 2.4. The first file they sent me was indeed just another 3.0 file?????

I havent had problems with my nuvi picking up my phone, and the people i talk to dont complain about the static.

The phone had worked perfectly with the Nuvi 360 for about a month, but it then started to continually connect and disconnect, with the phone constantly 'seeking' the nuvi.

You can access the Nuvi by clicking on "My Computer" and double clicking the Nuvi link.12. By deleting the newer of the two files, Web Updater will see that your Nuvi is out-of-date. This should resolve all permutations of this nasty bug.====================================I just went step-by-step and updated the "Bluetooth Firmware". I called up garmin and a representative gave me the same instructions, with old bluetooth GCD versions attached. So if you are having trouble, ring up Garmin and ask for version 2.4. Steps 2-5 worked for me when I was in a continual loop of connection and disconnection with my Razr v3.

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Garmin sent me a file that was suppose to take me back to an earlier BT version. I was having trouble with my nuvi 360 and the bluetooth was disconnecting me. all i did was delete the phone from the gps and then the gps from the phone. This file will be one of two GCD files in the directory: :\Garmin\Remote SW.Since I didn't have a chnce to contact them during Support hours, I went online, and your excerpt from the longer fix above worked for me, too!! I should say the bluetooth function worked flawlessly with my Nokia 6265 prior to the latest software Web Updated. This probably did _nothing_ for you, but to be thorough, I've included the steps.7. Run the webupdater and if the latest version is already detected on your Nuvi, simply proceed and browse the list of further updates.8. I already tried factory resets and had the latest firmware on the Nuvi so the web updater didn't help. Steps 2-5 worked for me when I was in a continual loop of connection and disconnection with my Razr v3. I tried a 2nd phone to make sure the problem was with the Nuvi.

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